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Nirchi's Pizza

Nirchi's Pizza

"Serving Your Area for Over 40 Years"


Breakfast Menu


Good morning! Although we've been serving breakfast pizza for awhile, it may be the best kept secret in town. Take a sheet into work tomorrow morning and make new friends! Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Full Sheet Egg & Cheese $18.85

Half Sheet Egg & Cheese $11.75

Try our Classic Meat toppings:                           $3.80                       $1.90                       $0.95
Bacon, Sausage, Ham

Other great toppings to choose from:                 $3.60                       $1.80                       $0.90
Onions, Sweet Peppers
, Hot Peppers, Mushrooms
Extra Cheese, Diced Tomatoes, Potato

**Other toppings available below

3916 Vestal Parkway East
Breakfast Hours:
Monday - Saturday, Open at 7:00 a.m.
Sunday, Open at 8:30 a.m.

166 Water Street
Breakfast Hours:

Monday - Friday, Open at 7:30 a.m.

Salads & Appetizers

Side         Regular         Large         Tray

Garden                     $1.99         $3.19             $4.79          $18.29
Antipasto                                   $4.99             $7.49          $25.89
                                          $4.49             $7.19          $22.69
Buffalo Wing                              $4.59             $7.29          $25.89
Spiedie                                      $4.29             $6.89          $22.49
Chicken Tender                          $4.99             $7.49          $25.89

Greek                                        $4.79             $6.49

Mozz Sticks (6)                          $4.79
Chicken Fingers                         $4.29
Onion Rings                               $3.19
French Fries (straight cut)           $1.99
French Fries (curly)
Sweet Potato Fries                     $2.39

Garlic Knots (5)                          $1.29
Garlic Knots (12)                        $2.59


Ask About Manager's Specials! 


For over forty years, Nirchi's has been making our own unique brand of pizza. We use fresh dough, made all day long, as well as top quality cheeses and tomatoes that are packed to insure the freshest, most consistent product possible. Our pizza sauce is then seasoned with time-tested spices. Pick your favorite toppings, listed below, and enjoy a tradition. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.


Our plump and crispy chicken wings are served with your choice of Buffalo-style (mild, medium, hot, or X-Hot), barbecue, or garlic and honey mustard.” Wing orders served with celery and bleu cheese. Extra Bleu Cheese 50 cents

Buffalo Chicken Wings

  5 Count                         $4.49
10 Count                         $8.99

Deli Board

Submarine Sandwiches

Your Choice of Italian
or Whole Wheat Bread


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Ask About Our Manager's Specials.
Prices May Vary.
Menu Prices Do Not Include Tax.

"Serving Your Area for Over 40 Years"

This Is What We Call... Lunch!

SPECIALTY Toppings:                                  Full Topping            Half/Round Topping              Quarter Topping
Add these favorites to your pizza.....

Nirchi’s Deluxe                                               $12.40                     $6.20                        $3.10
Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Peppers & Onions

Chicken Spiedie                                              $7.00                      $3.50                        $1.75
Chopped, Marinated Chicken on White Garlic Pizza

Buffalo Wing                                                    $7.20                      $3.60                        $1.80
Chicken, in our Medium Wing Sauce
on White Garlic Pizza (ask for hotter, if you dare)

Veggie Deluxe                                                $11.40                     $5.70                        $2.85
Mushrooms, sweet peppers, onion, broccoli,
black olives, and tomatoes

Chicken, Bacon, Ranch                                   $11.00                     $5.50                        $2.75
Drizzled ranch dressing over Chicken and Bacon,
On a White Garlic Pizza

Full Sheet             Half Sheet or

 (24 slices)              (12 Slices)    


Boneless Chk Pack #1                                                                                 $33.29
Full Sheet and 36 WingDings (Toppings extra)

Boneless Chk Pack #2                                                                                 $23.19
Half Sheet and 24 WingDings (Toppings extra)

Breakfast PizzaSide SaladGarlic KnotsBusiness of the WeekReaders Choice 2011

954 Front Street
Breakfast Hours:

Open at 8am everyday

701 Taft Ave.
Breakfast Hours:
Monday-Friday at 7:00am
Sat & Sun at 9:00am

16” Round
 (8 Slices)

Full Topping    Half/Round Topping    Quarter Topping

Plain Cheese                                                $17.25                     $10.25                       $9.95 
Our Famous Sauce or White Garlic

Additional Ingredients*                                  Full Topping              Half/Round Topping              Quarter Topping

Classic Meat Toppings                                   $3.80                      $1.90                         $0.95
Bacon, Sausage, Pepperoni, Ham, Meatballs

Other great toppings to choose from:             $3.60                      $1.80                         $0.90
Onions, Sweet Peppers, Hot Peppers, Mushrooms,
Extra Cheese, Pineapple, Broccoli, and Diced Tomatoes

COLD SUBS         $4.79           $6.29
  Choice of....

7" Roll        12" Roll

HOT SUBS             $5.29           $6.89
  Choice of....
  Chicken Spiedie
  Buffalo Chicken

  Chicken Parm

  Meatball Parm

  Steak & Cheese


7" Roll        12" Roll


Full Sheet Value Packs

Value Pack (30)

Full Sheet and 30 Jumbo Wings (Toppings extra)                                            $39.79


Value Pack (40)

Full Sheet and 40 Jumbo Wings (Toppings extra)                                            $47.89



Half Sheet Value Packs

Value Pack (15)

Half Sheet and 15 Jumbo Wings (Toppings extra)                                            $21.39


Value Pack (20)

Half Sheet and 20 Jumbo Wings (Toppings extra)                                            $25.39

Full Sheet Party Packs

Party Pack (20)

Full Sheet (Toppings extra), 20 Jumbo Wings & 2Liter (Pepsi Products)             $33.89


Party Pack (30)

Full Sheet (Toppings extra), 30 Jumbo Wings & 2Liter (Pepsi Products)             $41.99



Half Sheet Party Packs

Party Pack (15)

Half Sheet (Toppings extra), 15 Jumbo Wings & 2Liter (Pepsi Products)            $23.59


Party Pack (20)

Half Sheet (Toppings extra), 20 Jumbo Wings & 2Liter (Pepsi Products)            $27.59

Introducing the Newest Breakfast Pizzeria!

219 Main Street
Monday-Friday, Open at 7:30am